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We Offer Smarter Technology Solutions for Any Size Space.

Technology is  becoming “smarter.” At Tech Solutions, we offer smarter products and services to help our clients improve the efficiency and productivity of both their homes and offices. But what exactly does it mean for a building to be smart?

Smart technology refers to a building with heating, lighting, or electronic devices which are controlled through a phone or computer. These systems are “responsive” and work together to continuously evolve with a space and its occupants.

Think of this scenario:

  • You leave for work and drive away, locking the door from your phone.

  • You walk into the building opening the door with your access ID badge.

  • You enter your office and the shades rise, allowing natural light to enter the room. The afternoon is cloudy, the shades close and the lights turn on.

  • You know new employees are starting so you check in on their progress through live feed of the training room.

  • You increase the sound masking decibel level to ensure confidentiality of a conference call.

  • You leave work late and turn on your lights at home from your car so you won’t be entering a dark house alone.

These are only a few examples of smarter technology. At Tech Solutions, we work closely with our vendors to ensure we are offering our clients the most up-to-date products and services.

Check out some of our vendors Smart Technology Products.

Home automation systems make life a little easier.

Personal Assistance from Bosch Global

Whole Home Automation from Control4

Lutron’s Caseta Wireless

Office automation systems increase efficiency and productivity.

Clickshare from Barco

Vive Lighting Control from Lutron

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