Video Wall Solutions

Core Features


Arrange video walls in standard grid or artistic formats. Rotate individual displays to any angle to create unique layouts. Add virtually unlimited content inputs from just about any source: Local CMS player, Live TV, RTSP, RDP, VNC, an interactive desktop or full screen browser or just about any content using one or more HDMI or SDI capture cards.


Userful can support 40 displays on a networked wall using standard Core i7 PC or 100+ screens using a high-end, custom PC. This system delivers visually stunning content over the network with unparelled simplicity and ease.


Preset zone support allows for the display of simultaneous content streams on specified displays within the video wall screens which can be changed on the fly as needed. In addition, with a single touch customers can instantly change the content playing on the displays using a smartphone or tablet.

Additional Features


Userful video wall software uses a standard PC and a network of zero client devices connected over a standard gigabit Ethernet network. Single install setup turns a standard Intel Core i7 PC into a high end browser-managed video wall controller—but without the cost. Optionally add extra Nvidia video cards which are used by Userful software to offload video rendering thereby increasing the power of the PC and the number of screens and size of content supported.


All controlled in real time through Userful’s API or with remote control tools which staff can use to invoke zone and content presets created by Administrators.


Administrators can preset zone and content options for all displays, and then staff are able to invoke those presets using a tablet or smartphone switching content and zones across all video walls and screens with a single touch. Userful’s ability to natively display desktop and full screen browser sessions makes it an ideal solution for Network Operations Centers (NOC) and other control rooms that require display of browser and desktop applications.

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