Sound Masking System Installation

Core Features

Sound Masking


Privacy is something every business should try to provide, even if it’s not required. But with open office layouts being the norm in today’s business world, confidential information has a higher risk of being overheard. By implementing an unobtrusive background noise, sound masking increases privacy and keeps conversations between only involved parties.


Distractions are inevitable in a business environment, especially in today’s world where walls have been removed to increase collaboration. Sound masking can help keep this open office feel while eliminating noise distractions from phone calls or loud conversations.


Increased stress levels due to distractions and loud noises can cause job satisfaction and morale to disappear, leading to higher turnover and increased training costs. Along with stress, other negative health effects such as hormone level increase and illness lead to more sick days for your employees.

Additional Features


Open-space environments inspire creativity and collaboration, while at the same time depriving individuals of privacy. By applying sound masking, you give your employees or patients back that privacy and make them feel more comfortable in an open area.


There are many different installation options which can provide sound masking for a single room, multiple offices or even open areas anywhere from 12,000 to 72,000 square feet. This gives you the ability to keep an open-space concept while still maintaining privacy.


Although sound masking is used most often for business and office environments, it can be implemented into any location. School systems often use sound masking for libraries and computer centers to give students additional privacy and a quiet area to work while healthcare providers implement this technology to ensure they maintain patient confidentiality.