Fire Alarm System & Installation

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Fire Alarm System
Fire Alarm System Installation


The latest fire alarm technology can detect smoke aspiration through continuous air sampling. This allows for additional time that may be needed in the event of a fire, preventing unnecessary injury and damage. It can also provide enough time to eliminate the threat all together and prevent even the smallest of fires.


With a 5-year and longer life span, most of our systems require very little maintenance to keep them working efficiently. We also offer low-cost installation to fit your budget.


Our fire alarm systems give you options to fit your space. Depending on size and openness of your business or facility, you can determine which system best fits your needs and your overall budget.


Having the additional protection fire alarms offer means peace of mind for you, your employees, and your customers, and helps ensure you’re doing what is necessary to keep them safe. By allowing a certified company to install your system, you’re also given the assurance that we’re here to maintain and inspect your system for as long as you have it.