Access Control & Keycard System Installation

Core Features

Access Control System
Keycard System


Our systems give you the ability to allow or restrict access to your business through pin pads, card readers, and even fingerprint scanning systems. You can also schedule access and even restrict access during certain hours.


Most systems we provide can support any access control application. What makes them so simple to use is they are pre-installed and pre-configured with management software and Microsoft Windows, ready for immediate use.


Access control allows you to customize settings based on individual, department, location, and more. By defining which locations certain employees have access to, you can increase privacy and security of your business. You can even layer these restrictions based on schedules and timeframes, and implement protocols during emergencies.


While some access control systems require extensive licensing and yearly renewals, our systems do not. Our systems allow us to install card readers, pin pads, door entry system through the use of a wireless system, you save both time and money for installation and maintenance in the long run. There is also less hardware needed to implement a wireless access control system, giving you many options to fit your budget.


Our systems range from simple to intricate, providing access control from anywhere between 1 and 300+ doors, using as few as one controller, and allows as little as 5 or as many as 2,000,000 cardholders to be used.